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Directx video acceleration dxva is an api and a corresponding ddi for using hardware acceleration to speed up video processing. Can we integrate intel media sdk with vlc player and decode. Download directx video acceleration dxva specification for h. Now restart pot player and try playing a video if it supports your gpu hardware then the cpu usage will drop dramatically and you should see fewer hopefully no frames. How to enable hardwareaccelerated decoding in libvlc. Vlc is simply too dumb to notice this fact and tells the graphics card to do it anyway. Also makes vlc crashes if dxva is forced in the parameters of vlc. How to enable hardware acceleration in vlc and save. Directx video acceleration specification for windows media. Click ok and close all the rest of the windows down including the main pot player window so that its completely closed down. Make sure the software youre using supports the matched hardware acceleration techs.

Download portable dxva checker a simple and lightweight application that was created to help you discover a series of information concerning your graphics processing unit. Includes information about your decoder and processor device. Dxva checker is a free directx video acceleration application. Quicksync andor dxva freemake allows you to enable.

Step by step tutorial on enablingdisabling hardware acceleration in windows 10. By specifying the media file or format, you can check whether the directshow decoder and media foundation decoder registered in the system support dxva, and the dxva mode that is supported. This specification assumes that you are familiar with the h. Software codecs and software video processors can use dxva to offload certain cpuintensive operations to the gpu. There are several different ways to play back a video. All about video, multimedia software and servicesgom lab. The vlc media player framework can use your graphics chip a. Vlc media player receives a major update mspoweruser. This allows modern video cards to accelerate the most cpu intensive parts of the mpeg2 decoding process, leaving the lesser parts of the decoding pipeline to the cpu. A collection of directshow filters, video and audio codecs.

Potplayer is a dxva enabled, efficient media player for windows 8, 7, vista, xp april 1, 20 april 1, 20 by gayan. Tool to download and install the driver for the amd radeon series. With dxva vlc can use the gpu for post processing tasks. Dxva allow hardware acceleration dxva2 on basically, whenever i play x264 encoded videos, after every few seconds, the screen would produce distortions to the point of the video being unwatchable. Well, technically speaking, not dxva, but hardware accelerated playback of l5. For example, a software decoder can offload the inverse discrete cosine transform idct to the gpu. Directshow filter supporting desktop and direct3d91011.

All vlc media players support video acceleration for mpeg2 streams and the latest vlc media players have begun to include directx video acceleration dxva 2. It is available in windows vista or windows 2008 or any later windows version. It can play almost any audiovideo codec, has a beautiful ui, comes with a huge number of options, completely free, one couldnt ask. This specification defines extensions to directx video acceleration dxva to support decoding of h.

Open vlc media player and click on tools preferences or press ctrlp to open the settings window of the program. Play downloaded movies and music in any media player with this codec pack. What is the relationship between hardware acceleration and. Microsoft directx video acceleration dxva allows directshow based software decoders to accelerate video playback directly on the graphics processors gpu if your graphics processor supports dxva and has builtin technology to accelerate mpeg4. Dxva checker is a software application for windows. Then, youll be able to enjoy the advanced features of your favorite video player without the battery hit.

Dxva2 dxva2 video rendering overview and explanation. You can also use the listed decoders to play the video and measure the decoders cpu or dxva decoding performance. How to enable gpu accelerated decoding in vlc ghacks tech news. Potplayer is a dxva enabled, efficient media player. Dxva hardware acceleration support in elecard mpeg2 video decoder significantly decreases cpu usage and provides substantial performance gains. Directx video acceleration dxva is a microsoft api specification for the microsoft windows and xbox 360 platforms that allows video decoding to be hardwareaccelerated. Download directx video acceleration dxva specification. Make sure you have installed the latest drivers though. The document describes highlevel design concepts and specific svc extensions to dxva interfaces and data structures of h. Dxva checker is a freeware directx video acceleration software app filed under video codec packs and made available by bluesky for windows. Dxva by default, can be used if youre watching a video on bluray etc. Directx video acceleration specification for high efficiency video coding hevc. Why does enabling use gpu accelerated decoding in the.

How to make vlc use less battery by enabling hardware. Download directx video acceleration specification for. To test and verify, while playing a video press the o key to enable the onscreen display. The majority of graphic cards should support hardware acceleration just fine. If i use the vlc player itself on windows, i can choose directx video acceleration dxva 2. The next useful feature of 5k player is the ability to download videos from the internet. Hardware acceleration dxva2 causes distortion in x264 videos. This specification assumes that you are familiar with the vc1 specification and the basic design of dxva. Elecard mpeg player is directshow compatible video player capable of decoding mpeg, avch. If you are noticing choppy playback in vlc media player when playing high resolution video files, you may under certain circumstances benefit. Gom lab offers a wide range of multimedia software, mobile apps, and web services, from video player to video editor, such as gom player, gom mix pro, etc. Directx video acceleration dxva is a standardized group of mpeg2 decoding video routines that are used in modern graphics processor video engines. When dxva2 is in use, on the 2nd line you will see dc. Directshow filter supporting amd fluid motion video.

Download directx video acceleration specification for windows media video v8, v9 and va decoding including smpte 421m vc1 from official microsoft download center. How to enable gpu accelerated decoding in vlc ghacks. This document is the specification for support of scalable video coding svc according to the h. The dxva2 hardware accelerated video playback in all players stopped working suddenly. Installs a variety of additional codecs to your system for video support. This tutorial explains how to build vlc with hardware acceleration for the raspberry pi 2 under ubuntu mate, xubuntu and lubuntu 15. Dxva still doesnt work with windows 10 64 bits and catalyst 15. Have you tried another player like mpchc which ive always found to be. Dxva2 works along side the video rendering model used by your gpu, so dxva2 acceleration can be seen as a compliment to whatever else you use to render your video. How to enable or disable hardware acceleration in windows. It is a directx api for using a graphics card to assist with the decoding of video. Video lags behind audio by asterra in forum newbie general discussions. In the default skin, go to system settings video playback.

It can also play common audio and video streams including avi, wav, mp3, and mov. To enable hardware acceleration in vlc, you just need to look for options like gpu acceleration or hardware acceleration in the settings menu and enable them. To reenable, select automatic unless a particular hardware acceleration method is desired remember to press save to save vlc settings and restart vlc after that to make sure. The download is available as an exe file and the latest version is 4. I get a bsod with the latest build tests of kodi 15 for directx11 when playing a video. I want to decode a h264 rtsp stream using dxva2 accelerated decoder. Media player codec pack for video and audio playback.

They are maxwell 2nd generation, and saw through dxvainfo, that it is h265hevc hardware acceleration capable, through dxva2. This alternative to vlc player for pc is also completely free. The pipeline allows certain cpuintensive operations such as idct, motion compensation and deinterlacing to be offloaded to the gpu. Check if your computer supports at least one of the cpu or gpu hardware acceleration techs, such as intel quick sync video, nvidia cuda, nvidia nvdec, amd app, dxva. Completly free and libre software, ensuring freedom for everyone.

For years, kmplayer has been my favorite media player under ms windows. In vlc it does work but in my code have the following output. Vlcs decode can be cpu or hw accelerated, like dxva based. I am receiving multiple x264 rtsp streams and i am decoding them using libvlc and i would like to use hardware acceleration for the task. It happened after my laptop dell 1555 freezed suddnely, so it was needed to perform hard turnoff, and since then the hardware acceleration isnt working. Get hardware accelerated dxva playback of hd avc high profile l5.

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