Cinterion hc25 at commands pdf

Like all cinterion modules, the mc55i comes with full type approval fta enabling use across the. I have listed a few popular at commands that will change the hc05 device name, pass code, and speed. Gemalto gsmgprs3g4g lte modems including dual band bgs2t, ehs6t els61te2 lan, pls62tw usb 3g and 4g lteindustrial modems and starter kits. It shall also specify the parameters and possible responses of each of these commands in detail. You can send at commands to the hc05 from the arduino ide serial monitor while the arduino is running the attached arduino program. Cinterion mc52i terminal mc52it warburton technology. It is recommended that more complex settings such as changing. Modify the hc05 bluetooth module defaults using at commands.

Get a free trial of at command tester software to test all the features of this module buy. A range of quality accessories and related technologies to ease and speed development across siemens range of hardware platforms. The new cinterion tc65 terminal sets unprecedented standards in the field of machinetomachine communication. Hc0305 embedded bluetooth serial communication module at. The included tcpip stack gives system integrators fast access to ip connections and supports ftp services just by using at commands. The scope of this document includes interface s pecifications, electrical issues and. Could someone tell me what at command use in order to. Successor of siemens tc35i and siemens mc35i models. M2m advanced wireless module hc25 hsdpa ready to integrate.

It helps you quickly retrieve interface specifications, electrical and mechanical details and information on the re. Like all cinterion products, mc52it mc55it come with full type approval fta and are certi. Hc0305 embedded bluetooth serial communication module. The ct63 terminal is a self contained unit featuring the latest gsmgprs technology from cinterion formerly siemens including new features like low power mode and usb connection. Personal designin consulting for hardware and software extensive rf test capabilities. April, 2011 hc05 embedded bluetooth serial communication module can be short for module has two work modes. Tc35i terminal the core of gsm in a box the tc35i terminal is a dualband device which has been specially designed for voice and fax communication and applications transmitting a low volume of data. Cinterion tc65 terminal tc65t warburton technology. Plugandplay with most flexible mounting low power consumption the new m2m terminal equipped with cinterions bgs2 module is based on the latest chipset generation, offering bestinclass power efficiency to. Terminal gprs class 10 fax functionality quadband 2g tcpip emark ril driver full voice support extended temperature range. In addition, the hc25 comes with full type approval.

Hi, i try to use a cinterion tc63i rs232 modem with the latest mm git snapshot and nm 0. Not only are we present locally but we are also able to open up amazing global business perspectives for you. Available with cinterion modules xt65, xt75, egs5 mc technologies umts hspa terminal umts terminal that supports the hsdpa standard available with cinterion modules hc25, hc28, ph8 mc technologies gpio terminal javaterminal with gpio adapter available with cinterion modules xt65, xt75, egs5, tc65i mc technologies mc88i terminal gsmgprs m2m. Mc55i qipmc55i dsb45 gsm modem with sim full schematic circuit diagram 7830a l30960 solar mobile charger circuit diagram cinterion gcfcc text. The robust housing includes a range of common interfaces as well as an integrated sim card holder which make the new generation an allinone solution enabling voice, data, sms. The cinterion mc55it gsm modem is the successor of the siemens mc35it gsm modem. The flagship cinterion ehs6 is the 5th generation of gemalto m2ms java embedded machinetomachine m2m modules, which have simplified highly efficient, endtoend industrial communication for the last decade. Find the details of your local cinterion contact partner here. Due to its quadband support, the intelligent terminal can be employed in gsm and gprs networks anywhere in the world. Like all cinterion products, the bgs2 terminal comes with full type approval fta and is certified by the largest carriers worldwide.

Cinterion hc25 hsdpa module cinterion hc25 hsdpa module. The hc25 supports both quadband gsmgprsedge and triband umtshsdpa functionality, enabling mobile devices and solutions such as pda or industrial handhelds to cover all the frequencies used worldwide. The documentation andor product are provided for testing, evaluation, integration and information purposes. Cinterion acquired siemens wireless modules from siemens in 2008. M2m advanced wireless module hc25 hsdpa ready to integrate the hc25 provides hsdpa 3. Wireless module hc25 hsdpa ready to integrate here, there and everywhere global but local cinterion lives up to this motto. And there are three work roles master, slave and loopback at the. Cinterion mc55i terminal gprs modem with serial conn. Cinterion hc25hc28 inside etm9900j quick start guide hsdpaumtsgsmgprs terminal. A configuration tool for the modem is available upon request see page 3, that can be used to ensure that a specified set of at commands are always initialized at startup. The wireless communications unit is protected by robust industrial housing that also features a series of standard connectors and a sim cardholder. The mc55it is a gsm modem with an rs232 serial port, external antenna and external power supply. The new gemalto cinterion als3 lte cellular machinetomachine m2m module offers a smart solution for wireless connectivity today and in the future. The cinterion mc52i terminal packs a dualband gsmgprs baseband with tcpip connectivity based on gprs class 8 data transmission into a compact plugandplay housing.

Terminals mc52i mc55i terminals gprs connectivity in a box. Hc0305 embedded bluetooth serial communication module at command set last revised. Like all cinterion products, mc52it mc55it come with full type approval fta and are certified according to automotive emark as well as by the largest carriers worldwide. Cinterion concept board the cinterion concept board, a quickstart development board connects with, cinterion concept board to get started or explore the site in greater detail, visit. Mc75 tc65 wireless tc63i tc65 gsm cinterion tc63 gsm1900 400kb mc75i. Cinterion mc55i is a quadband gsmgprs modem terminal with serial connection rs232 and voice, datafax, sms capabilities. As a result, the hc25 enables applications to offer services like broadband internet and email access, highspeed download of large files and streaming of videos or music. Cinterion phs8 features gsm gprs edge, 3gpp release 99 4 improved saic sim application toolkit, 3gpp release 99 data, voice and tty support control via standardized and extended at commands hayes, ts 27. It features a java software development platform, a wide range of standard interfaces plus gprs class 12. You will find a full set of at commands from the attached hc05 reference pdf file. The kit, gsm14j modem kit, contains a cinterion tc65 gsm modem and related hardware. Cinterion concept board the cinterion concept board, a quickstart development board connects with. Etm9800j quick start guide issue 31102008 configuration tool introduction the hc25hc28 engine used in the etm9800j does not support storing of an active profile. It is a compact, wellbuilt modem that is designed for unsupervised use in industrial environments.

Et commands can be sent via sms or from configuration tool when directly connected or via an ip or csd connection. Following up the successful mc55i wireless module, the new mc55iw. It has also been approved by major network carriers around the world, including us operators. Com terminal gprs class 10 fax functionality quadband 2g tcpip emark ril driver full voice support extended temperature range mc52i mc55i terminals.

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